Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grubby: Rincon Resturante

At this point, we were near pupusa delirium and pregnant with pupusa babies, but we had to carry on! This was a mission and goddamnit we weren't go home until fully sated.

The second we stepped into Rincon, we knew we had made the right choice, as we were met by Victoria, the paper mache giraffe. Safari decor, done in a big way. The dreadlocked photographer has a jungle backdrop in every inch of the resturaunt.

We ordered Presidentes and a pitcher of sangria post-haste. The sangria was a fine cherry on top of the day (the second pitcher, which arrived without us ordering was the coup).

After eating amazing Salvadoran food all-day, the grub was nothing bragable, with a single exception: deep-fried tamales. Oh man. The crispy fried shell and almost creamy corn meal inside, draped in crema with a little bit of crumbly queso blanco. Shit - it's good.

Flan with real whipped cream sealed the deal. If you are going to make the trek to Jamaica, go ahead and plan on doing this and El Comal. You won't regret it.

Info: 92-15 149th St.


  1. that's the fattest i have ever looked, thanks.

  2. Don't be so dramatic. I can remove it if you want?

  3. we're only going to get fatter, Will.

  4. We all had a papoosa baby that day.