Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grubby: Izalco

If, by some chance an outside reader has stumbled upon this blog, I should explain that I lead a
motley gaggle of degenerates on weekly excursions in search of food, delicious encounters, kitsch, booze and general bizarreness. Food Adventure #2 took the crew on Robert Sietsema's trail of the great El Salvadoran cuisine of Queens. In one afternoon we hit up three resturaunts in two different Queens neighborhoods. Pupusas aplenty.

Our first stop took us to Woodside and the delicious Izalco. Izalco won the prize for best all-around Salvadoran, thanks I'm sure to a 4-foot abuelita in the kitchen. Tons-o-kitsch here with mirrored ceilings, stuffed armadillo and a "pink clam" not attached to a woman in the women's bathroom.

Pupusas came with a beautiful rainbow slaw of vinegar and spice. The horchata and tamarindo was enjoyed by most (I preferred Gallo). "Enchiladas" bore no resemblance to the mole and cheese creations of Mexico. These were more like tostadas with a bunch of salsa-ey chopped stuff on top. Superb. The salpicon is a must try. Micro-chopped beef, onions, lime, parsley, etc, served as a cold "salad". The soft elote tamales may have been my fav.

Really, every meal should come with sides of crema. The sweet cream made the fried plantains.

We left full, but with two more restaurants on our list we needed some liquid sustenance...

Info: 64-05 Roosevelt, Queens


  1. that salpicon was the discovery of the day for me.

  2. I don't know that I would say "A pink clam"...more like many coral scallops...