Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grubby: Bonnie's

I love Buffalo Wings. I love Blue Cheese. I love the two together - many do not. Given this, wings never really peak for me. They are either very good, mediocre, or awful. Never amazing.

So what. Bonnie's did me right...big time. Nice amount of vinegar with the spice - the medium level was spicy enough (though I might go with hot next time). I had to order two extra blue cheeses.

Thanks to Krista and Joel for sharing this Park Slope spot. 5 or so taps running. They weren't playing annoying sports on loud TVs.

Info: 278 5 thAve. Open 7 days.


  1. who are these heathens who don't enjoy buffalo wings with blue cheese?

  2. I don't think Stan likes blue cheese and I have never understood that. The people who opened Bonnie's are from Buffalo. GO BUFFALO!