Monday, March 30, 2009

Grubby: Lexington Candy Shop

If you are unfortunate enough to be wandering around the Upper East Side and in need of an $8 milkshake, this is your spot. Can't comment on the food but it looked like you probably should move along if you want anything but the most basic grilled cheese. Who knows, maybe the man controlling the tiny grill and fryer is actually a savant with sliced bread and mayo.

The fountain is a true throwback - the mint green Hamilton-Beach shake machines, the juicer, the soda water fountain and chocolate syrup pump have probably not changed in over 30 years. Prices on the other hand have adjusted accordingly. Given this, the $5 chocolate egg cream was good and the $5 lemonade was exceptional. I'm really not familiar with egg creams, and have heard that there is a debate about not only where the best egg creams are but even on what constitutes an egg cream. I do however know chocolate and this thing got five big pumps from the syrup container, giving it a dark cocoa tint.

I'm thinking this place survives on lottery ticket sales, loyal longtime customers and for allowing occasional film shoots cuz I'm just not seeing the draw. Nonetheless, if you stumble out of the Whitney, or find your self picking up craiglist furniture as we did (are there any other reasons to be on the Upper East Side?) and you are craving a malted or real-deal shake, give it shot.

Info: 1226 Lexington Ave.

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