Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grubby: Crif Dogs

Dudes...deep fried dogs. All haters that say it's too pricey or too busy, can just go on "living" their healthy, long lives. What took me so long to get to this place? It took being hungover most of the day thanks to shitty whiskey and shitty beer with Will - thanks dude!

I enjoyed a Spicy Redneck: Bacon-wrapped, deep-fried Crif dog, topped with chili, jalapenos and slaw. Honestly, could barely taste the toppings. This shit is all about the crunchy fry! The dog itself, nothing special, but when you pop through that crispy fry crust, you get a "shpritz" of all that deep-fried juice. Crispy bacon trumps all here.

Didn't quite fill me up, so I will always order two from now on(not the Redneck though). Kinda pricey for dogs ($4.75) but shit, its open late and is BYOB. I guarantee the words "deep-fried hot dogs" will be an irresistible siren call some night soon.

I was apparently so bewildered after my meal that I nearly killed myself walking into traffic - one of those red turning to green moments where you are halfway through the street.

Anyone know what's up with the speakeasy with an entrance inside the phone booth in Crif Dogs? If so, what's the deal?

Info: 113 St. Marks Place; Open til 4 on Fri and Sat, 2 otherwise; BYOB

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