Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grubby: El Comal

All the way at the end of the Queens lines lies Jamaica. I think this place is chock-full of grub.

The second stop on our food adventure led us to El Comal. Holly God - the pupusas in this place! This was good shit. The best, Jerry, the best!

The masa-based pupusas tasted so fresh. They were fluffy - almost pancake-y. We enjoyed with frijoles y queso and, of course, the revueltas with shredded pork and queso.

Dominican Presidente was had all around. A few of us dug into some fried chicken which was "good but nothing special".

It is way the hell out there and the decor is better left unmentioned, but the pupusas were worth every minute on that train.

Info: 148-62 Hillside Ave.

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