Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grubby: La Isla Chuchifritos

Just say it..."chuchifritos". Isn't it fun?

The Isle of Little Fried Things. As much as you might think you would want to be stranded there, you don't. Nonetheless, being the closest place for food near my apartment, Chuchifritos has come through.

Pictured here is a greasy queso pastilillo. Fried meat things, fried cheese things, fried plantains, blood sausage, cuban sandwiches, etc., are available. I basically stick with the fried cheese or meat pastilillos - only $1.

It's also got some nice, cheap rotisserie chicken. The dude will wield his cleaver and chop you up a moist bird - take it home with some beans and rice, good for 3-4 meals.

Listen, if you are in the hood, there aren't a lot of great options. The Isla is open late. It is consistent - you know what you are getting and sometimes a fried meat filled pastry is what you need.

Info: Graham and Broadway

1 comment:

  1. that looks like the perfect drunk food. i bet you get it every wednesday.