Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grubby: TipicoBK

On a recent Friday night, we were led by Stan to this new Williamsburg spot. I have no idea what really constitutes Paraguayan food, but it was similar in some ways to the Argentinean food I've had in the past.
Pictured below is a steak milenesa. The egg made this thing - runny yolk and crispy fried breading, so good.

Stan is eating some stew here. This and the pulled pork sandwich were both enjoyed.
They have yerba mate too, nice.
Honestly, we'll see if this place makes it. I could see it folding but hopefully it lasts as it is a good option in the area.

I will not go into what occurred after dinner, but it included a trip to the most depressing emergency room in NY. Get better Krista!

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