Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grubby: Cheburechnaya

Second on our Uzbek adventure was Cheburachnaya. Not nearly as good as Salut but it did have its positives. For one, it was BYOV (the V is for Russian Standard, the "best selling premium vodka in Russia" - see below.)

Cheburachnaya was more of a group/party spot compared with the cozy Salut. And it had this man running 20+ burners for kababs:

The specialty here are the chebureki - isosceles turnovers, perfectly golden, filled with either ground lamb, cabbage or pureed potato, and served with some kind of cross between salsa and gravy. Total toss-up on the prefered filling - some raved about the lamb while potato was cited by others as superior. These were my highlight.

Bowl-shaped, cracker-like bread called noni-toki was tossed about the group and used to scoop baba ganoush which was good but not nearly as good as Salut. The lamb kababs were also good but inferior to Salut. Way more gamey than what we had just sampled.

Basically, I would recommend Salut over Cheburachnaya to anyone in most situations, unless you are having a big group and want to celebrate. Cheburechnaya was kind of jumping for a Sunday afternoon. And they serve 4 types of Baltika. And you can bring your own vodka.

Am I being too harsh? Should I not be comparing the two? Leave your piece in the comments.

Info: 92-09 63 Drive; Closed during Shabbas

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  1. I had a ball at Cheeseburger Chechnya, but I still liked the chebureki at Salut WAY better. And everything else too.