Sunday, April 12, 2009

Grubby: Chatham Square Dim Sum

Stan, good job man. You did well guiding your first food adventure. Dim Sum, ice cream and Dance Dance Revolution - powerful combo. I don't know what was with the mellow vibe - maybe no alcohol? Too early in the day? Big crowd? New faces? No hype man? Fuck it. Shake it off.

Dim Sum was good - although we knew very little of what we were eating. Lots of buns. And rolls. And goopy dough. Few on the wait staff speak much English - but you order with a pencil and paper, so no problems there. Try the bamboo fungus roll. The translucent jelly cube has lychee in it.

I really liked these pork buns...almost a bbq sauce thing going on.

Behold: Krista's right hand in all of its dexterous glory. We won't see fork action like this from Krista for a few more weeks, but I'm sure her left hand will compensate until the cast is off. Enjoy your painkillers Krista and get better.

Sauces. I love sauces.

Two fly boys.

Info: 6 Chatham Square

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  1. aww!! thanks for the right hand shout out. it really really misses being able to hold a fork!!