Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grubby: Salut

For our third weekly Food Adventure, we traveled into Rego Park, Queens in search of Uzbeki food. As a result of its location wedged between three distinct civilizations, Uzbekistan cuisine is a melange of Russian, Middle Eastern, Jewish and a smidge of Asian cuisine. In other words, there is lots of lamb.

Is lamb any old sheep or only baby sheep? Doesn't matter to me; it is delicious when a sword is stabbed through it.

Salut was, frankly, amazing. It is out where Rego Park meets Flushing Meadows. It is a tiny little place, Russian tv and little English spoken, and with such a large group, we were lucky to be seated, but once we were, Baltika 9s and 3s were ordered right away.

Given that several in our crew were working off mean hangovers (someone who will go unnamed was celebrating his birthday Hasslehoff style, drunkingly chowing on McDonald's cheesburgers in a fancy hotel room the night before), we needed deliciousness and were not dissappointed. Kababs. Man, they are good. Get the lamb, get the beef and get some lamb rib (juicier, pinker, fattier and thus tastier than the regular lamb). I don't think I've ever had lamb as jucy. They might spritz it with vinegar before bringing to the table. Beef was preferred by some in the group.

A really nice, vinegarey shredded carrot salad was served. The above photo is of lamb cheburekis. Meat and pastry, triangulated and fried. Below are some amazing fries. Do you see the piles of garlic and parsley on the corner of the plate? Yes, you do.
And dear lord, the baba ganoush. I have never tasted eggplant like this - so creamy. They must put mayo or something in it because this is a rich, creamy dip.

Go to Salut. Now. You'll like it.

Info: 63-42 108th Street, Closed on Shabbas

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