Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grubby: Baden Baden

Are you there, friends? I'm sorry y'all - I know I hurt you by not posting. But it hurt me too. It's both of our faults, really. I'm sorry baby. I promise, that's the old me. I've turned a corner. Come back to me. I'm still hungry and you are still bored - we can make this work.

After a whole freakin' month of not posting because of delicious trips to the Bay Area and New Orleans, I'm back. I won't be mean and tease you about the pulled meat and sliced meat and slow roasted meat and bbq meat I had. Instead, I'll give you fried meat that you can get right here in NY. I'm posting about a place we visited 2 months ago or so, but its still on my mind.

Stan took a few of us to the unmarked (at least in English) 2nd floor K-town joint Baden Baden. Their specialty: KFC, or, Korean Fried Chicken. Don't be looking for thick, greasy breading here or the dry hunks of flesh found in most fried chickens. This is juicy rotiserrie chicken that I'm guessing is flash-fried at the end leaving a dark, crisp yet thin skin. It is fine as Ginuwine. Squirt Sriracha all over to keep it real. And yes, those O-Rings were as good as they look.

It ain't just chicken either - they do much more. Pictured below is a sea snail salad with thick jalepeno slices and chilled vermicelli noodles. Fantastic. A soft tofu salad was also devoured quickly. More kimchi was needed - next time.

Info: Upstairs at 28 W 32nd.

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