Thursday, December 16, 2010


Along Roosevelt Ave, extending two blocks to both the north and the south, and stretching from Woodside to Corona, exists the greatest density of delicious dens of food that has ever clustered along a single block. It arguably represents the Ideal of ethnic eating in NY. Fuck the stuffed bear; this is Teddy's greatest legacy. Two blocks of this treasure, between Woodside and Jackson Heights, are dedicated to Filipino restaurants and grocers.

With little to help us select which tasty store to visit, we started with Ihawan, which has been touted for it's barbecued meats.

Of course, no Filipino meal should begin with anything other than Lumpia. Fried pork is always the best way to build up your appetite. Ihawan's were suitable.

Various fruit shakes are here for you including avocado and durian if you dare. Sadly, they were out of Sisig.

Now to the bbq. It was fine. But really, Filipino food is about two things pork and pork. I mean pork and adobo (pork). I'm all about Pata and Sisig and Lumpia and all those great things. The desire to follow the recommendations toward charcoal grilled chicken proved to be foolhardy.
What Ihawan served us was good - some was very good. But it wasn't memorable. You can certainly do worse and I am willing to go back and continue my ordering. But next time walking Ol' Roosey's Ave, and feel like some Filipino, another of the spots will be selected. And when that time comes, I'll report back here (which I've been meaning to do more often).

Info: 2nd floor by the tracks.
4006 70th St. Also, I think there is an Ihawan 2 in Long Island City.

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