Tuesday, March 15, 2011


If you've ever spent extended time in Los Angeles and then moved away, there might not be much you miss. But if you are a sentient, self-aware being, I bet I can name at least one thing you long for: Zankou chicken garlic sauce.

I have found the closest thing to it in NY and it is at Karam, an insanely affordable Lebanese joint in Bay Ridge.

Look at this huge fucking pile of garlic sauce!

Jeez it is so good. Sharp, tangy, sinus-clearing, I'm happy to say this sauce hangs with Zankou.
The scent of garlic will ooze from your pores for hours, or days if you coat your food as I do.

Your first choice shall center on Rotisserie Chicken or Shawerma (this is not a choice for me as I shun chicken at nearly all opportunities for meat with actual flavor). Second choice is platter or pita sandwich.

You are provided with fuchsia-colored pickled radish and spicy little hot peppers, just as in LA. The shawerma is top notch. Oh my god, I want some right now.

Another bowl of extra sauce and homemade sweet lemonade:

Oregano saturated cheese bread:

Fantastic and uber-cheap. Go!
Info: 8519 4th Avenue

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  1. Gosh, that all looks so good. Definitely a place to check out.