Thursday, December 16, 2010

Katz's Delicatessen

You know it, you love it, we might as well post on it here. Katz's. Way back before the Food Network, etc., brought every tourist to your local "Best __ Sandwich" spot via their food porn, every slack jawed yokel knew a visit to Katz's for historic pastrami was in order. It has always been known.

And so, it remains. If you are looking to spend $16 on a sandwich, this is one way to do it. And the truth is, what you are paying for is not just a pile of brined meat, but the experience of dining in an institution and one heavily reliant on nostalgia. I consistently find myself grinning and satisfied when I'm there. Just don't lose your ticket or act the rube.
As far as I've found, what you order at Katz's is the pastrami. When your personal slicer offers a sample, take, eat, nod in approval and then tip the man. Mustard on rye with the half-sour pickles is how I do. It is a monster pile of meat and overflows with saltiness and umami. Splitting one is reasonable. Finishing one will force you to waddle out the door. Only once did I eat one and then go eating more, but I was drunk and with a large, hungry man who had never tried a halal kart.

Also, via some food writing that is now several years old, I had read that the hot dog here is fantastic. Not so. At least the skin popped a bit with the first bite, but the bun and all else is mediocre. Save your, hopefully, limited hot dog dining for one of the variety of other spots that focus on the dog as a specialty.

Just to note, fries are big thick steak-cut and potato salad is super-mayonnaisey. Brisket is much fattier than the pastrami, as it should be. Also, you can get Cel-ray soda here. If you have ever gotten one of their copyrighted-slogan salamis, let me know how that shit be.

Info: Open everyday. Fri and Sat until 2:45 AM.

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