Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grubby: Grand Sichuan

This is the original, separated from the 7 location Grand Sichuan chain known throughout the city. I'm not gonna talk about the other GS locations as I've had mixed experiences. This is about the OG. A lot of things look fantastic here (especially the tea smoked duck which I just must try), but I'm just going to talk about one dish, which I've had twice now: the hot pot.

When you walk into the spot (right next to one of the Boston-NY Chinatown bus companies) during dinner time, you will likely find every table occupied and a line out the door. And what is on nearly every table? A steaming pot of broth and piles of lovelies waiting to be cooked.

This shit is all about the SPICY. You've got two options for broth: a basic chicken broth and a red vulcan broth with chilies and peppercorns below. You can do one or get a divided bowl. Witness the fire - It is really fucking hot - you'll love it and beg for water several times during your meal. The veggies and meat are of good quality and fresh. The napa is crisp, clean and a must get. The beef, as seen below, is in nicely marbled, thin strips. Pork dumplings are another good meat choice. Tofu did not fare well; we do not recommend.

This is food for sharing and for conversing over.
Bring a nalgene or something. You'll need it.

Info: 125 Canal St. Open 7 days,

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