Monday, July 27, 2009

Grubby: Rafiqi's Halal Cart

Everyone has their fav lunchtime halal cart. Mine: Rafiqi's in midtown, corner of 31st and Broadway . When I worked at the Empire State Building I would grub on it weekly. It was the New York Times reviews proudly pasted to it's exterior that first drew me in.

Not the best photo, but what you see above is my order: lamb and chicken sandwich, lotsa of spicy red sauce, lotsa creamy white sauce. It KILLS. The chicken, mostly dark thigh meat, is covered in a red spice marinade. The lamb, superior to the chicken in most everyway, is cooked until almost crispy. I really love it and its greasy goodness.
It's only $3.75 too. If you are in Midtown looking for lunch on a weekday, you can do a lot worse than this

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