Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grubby: Cong Ly

A second post concerning my search for the premier Pho Tai. This one is at Cong Ly, a small, somewhat grimy place right off of Chrystie St. I'll be succinct here. I dug it - good, greasy broth. Still, haven't found my perfect pho broth in NY, but Cong Ly can certainly suffice when in need. Julia however found it too greasy. Below she laddles the top layer of grease.

And here you can definitely see the shiny surface caused by all that rendered fat. Of course it has been pocked by drops of Sriracha. The accoutrements weren't quite as fresh as the aforementioned Xe Lua but I found the broth tastier. And that pinnacle of energizing beveridges, the Vietnamese coffee, was delish. It is super cheap too. A strong pho option.

Info: 124 Hester St. Open Daily 9am-9pm

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