Sunday, November 1, 2009

Grubby: Bosna Express

Unless you lived in the neighborhood, there would be little reason to ever encounter it. But hidden, right below the Forest Ave M station, sits an unassuming one-table hole in the wall that serves shockingly great burgers. Marked by bright yellow signage, we approached Bosna Express somewhat increduously. Could this nondescript little stand with a single nervous employee grill the unique, yogurt sauced burger savored and cherished in blog postings and reviews throughout the interweb? The answer is a firm Yes...and how. Bosna Express specializes in Pljekavica, a frisbee sized meat patty eaten throughout the Balkans and seen sizzling here:

Ground beef and lamb are flattened into discs with minced white onion strewn throughout. While the circumference may be intimidating, the patties are super thin, which allows the griddle to almost create an outer seal or barrier which is popped with every juicy bite. The texture almost reminds me of those thin roach-coach patties - but the similarities stop there. These are fine quality ground meats placed lovingly into fresh baked bread of the near pita variety. The bread was really fantastic.

Lettuce and tomato are added with a creamy, yogurt based sauce. Shown here, a mild hot sauce was also provided. We ordered some extra yogurt to sloppify our burgers.

Two burgers served five people easily. And they are dirt cheap. We were only slightly harassed by drunk who would not accept that Bosna does not serve beer. If you go, may I suggest a side trip to Morcher's Pork Store . It is most triumphant.

Info: 791 Fairview Ave. Ridgewood, Queens

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