Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eisenberg's Sandwich

How many Jewish-American delis are there in NY? What would you say - 300? 400? Eisenberg's is an old and trusted one - dating from the early 20th century and stationed right next to the Flatiron Building and Madison Sq. Park. And it absolutely has it's share of boosters and adherents. I rank it with a meh-y shoulder shrug. It's fine, just fine. Not at all amazing. But you know, if you are in the neighborhood and need something, it will do.

On a recent visit, Stan and I got a Chicken Salad with Bacon and a Brisket. The chicken salad was the better of the two, but still lacking. Compared with a delicious chicken salad club I had at Lexington Ave Candy Shop several weeks ago, this thing was way overpriced, small and bland. The brisket I found dry, overcooked and, compared to places like Katz' or David's Brisket, totally underwhelming. During other visits, the egg salad with bacon has left me smiling but slightly unsatisfied. So, basically you have $10 versions of all the classic NY deli sandwiches, done small but serviceable. Surely, if you need lunch in the area, this is a suitable option and certainly better than you're run-of-the-mill quick bite. But if what you are craving is a ___-salad sandwich in a soda fountain/deli atmosphere, you can do better.

Info: 174 5th Ave., Closes early on weekends.

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