Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grubby: Pommes Frites

Ok. This is kinda a gimme. Everyone has relied on this establishment, as one does a sponge, to soak up unwanted, or shall I say overwelcomed, fluids. I'm going to post it anyway, if only because I happened to take pictures there.

Ahh, yes, the Belgian frites place. Filled with ravenous grease seakers, drunk or otherwise, day and night. It is consistent. It is somewhat affordable. It offers a hundred sauces (Fairly useless most of them, I'm sure. Horseradish mayo was dissapointing despite my adoration for both ingredients). Despite believing myself fairly cosmopolitan, I still feel American shame and disgust darting from the eyes of onlookers if mayo is used as a dipping sauce. Freedom can be had on 2nd Ave! At this "Euro" establishment, I may shamelessly dunk in mayo to my heart's content (my heart likes it!). Me likey.

Info: you know where it is. Open when you've been drinking.

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