Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grubby: David's Brisket House

Imagine, if you will, Katz's delicious pastrami or brisket sandwich piled high before you. Now, remember the $15 you handed over for this figmental grub. Your cheeks are burning with indignation, aren't they? How dare they take advantage of your taste buds like that.

What if I told you, that there exists a similarly delicious sandwich of comparable quality and it will only cost you $5. Incredulous? To Bedstuy I say! To David's! Brined beef for one and all!

David's Brisket House - right in the thick of it at Fulton and Nostrand (See A & A Bake and Doubles next). I know nothing about this place other than it is great and cheap.

I recently visited after gobbling down a doubles (next post) and enjoying a spicy ginger beer. A brisket sandwich was just what I needed for satiation. David's lived up to its somewhat minimal reputation.

Warm and juicy brisket. Rye bread that was actually the fluffiest and freshest I've had in NY (or ever maybe). Tri-pickle spears twisted in tissue - yes sir. Meat fairly fatty and therefore greasy - you'll love it. Gotta get pastrami next.

Info: Closed for shabbat I believe. Nostrand south of Fulton.

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