Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grubby: Tacos Matamoros

Amazingly, post- Bud pitchers, we found ourselves peckish only hours after inhaling huaraches etc. Being in Sunset Park, tacos were the clear choice. Stepping out of the Melody Lane haze, a rapid i-phone search led us to Tacos Matamoros.

These were real - reminded me of many a Baja roadtrip. Tacos like these weren't common in San Diego, but minutes across the border, they are all you can get. Two corn tortillas, a hefty spoonfull of grilled meat, raw onions, cilantro. That's it. Far and away, the winner here was again Chorizo. That makes Chorizo 2-0, 2KOs in one day. Can't say it was any better or worse than the rest of Sunset Park joints, but it was good and sufficient.
After two or three more tacos, we were done. Gets me thinking that is damn near time for another Food Adventure.

Full Stan:
Info: 5th Ave, Sunset Park. BYOB

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